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The geology of Scania

Scania (Skåne) is the southern most part of the Swedish mainland. Its geology is complex and a result of many types of bedrock and separated events. The North-Eastern part of the Scanian peninsula is precambrian crystalline bedrock (granites ca 1.7 … Continue reading

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Gonna do me some archaeology

Next time Im back home at my parents house Im going to do some archaeology for sure (I did start out my academical career in archaeology before taking on geology). I looked at a photo taken from a plane 1939 … Continue reading

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Silurian Crinoids

One of million perks of going to the island of Gotland is seing Silurian paleontology second to none. The island is so unbelievably rich in fossils from the Silurian. Here are some crinoids (Crinoidea) that I took photos of in … Continue reading

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Fågelsång GSSP

Here are some photos from Fågelsångsdalen (Fågelsång Upper Ordovician GSSP) near where I live (one of the only two GSSP we have in Sweden). Also a photo of a unknown species of graptolite I found there.

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Hi and welcome to my new blog on geology and paleontology. You might recognize me from before when I operated the blog Antimonite, and then also Terra Incognita which partly was written in English. Nowdays Im a graduate student (masters … Continue reading

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