Gonna do me some archaeology

Next time Im back home at my parents house Im going to do some archaeology for sure (I did start out my academical career in archaeology before taking on geology). I looked at a photo taken from a plane 1939 and compared it to a google earth view from 2010. The red ring marks my parents house, the blue rings marks homes that are completly gone today. Completly. I had no idea that they existed. But surely theres got to be some trace if I search really close. And also on the last image, the signs are there on the 2010 photo. The ground does look different. Cant wait until my next visit to check it out up close. Yes Im a geek I am when it comes to maps and such.

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2 Responses to Gonna do me some archaeology

  1. Magnus Reuterdahl says:

    If you visit Lantmateriets (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority) webpage Historiska kartor (Historic maps) I’ll be you’ll find lots and lots more information (see link below), in a best case scenario you’ll find maps dating back to the 17th century and different documents on how the land was used and on the ownership etc.


    Btw – nice blog

    Best wishes

    Magnus Reuterdahl

  2. Daniel says:

    Magnus: Thanks! Will do!

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