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The direct or indirect resistance to biomineralization theories

Fig. Iron sulfide mineral encrustation has preserved the structure of a sulfate bacteria. (Frankel & Bazylinski 2003) When learning about biomineralization, my imagination started to wander and Im not sure Im back on my feet again – or even if … Continue reading

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Thinking of studying in Sweden? Read this!

Areal view of the old main building of the University of Lund. One of the perks about studying geology at a Swedish university like the University of Lund is that we have no tuitions for going there. We have of … Continue reading

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Fig. A strain of magnetite crystals formed by BCM within a bacteria of species Magnetospirillum gryphyswaldense (from Pósfai & Dunin-Borkowski 2009). One topic that drew my attention when taking the advanced course in paleontology this spring was biomineralization. I quickly … Continue reading

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Landscapes of Skåne

I’m just trying out Imageshack as an image host. Some landscape photos of Skåne (Scania) on this link.

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The volcanoes of Scania

(Fig. Modified map from Bergelin thesis showing a handfull of basalt necks. There exist over a 100 in total) Sweden is hardly famous for its volcanoes and most Swedes doesnt know about them. But we do have them, or at … Continue reading

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