Allarps Bjär and the stone of manly men

Yesterday I took a little car trip to the central parts of Skåne (Scania). To the area located on the Tornqvist zone which is rich in remains of volcanoes (basalt necks). This time to a location named Allarps Bjär (Bjär is an old scanian word for mountain). Its a nature preserve today with some interesting features besides the basalt neck. For instance theres a stone placed in the forest below which is called “Karrastenen” (old word meaning the man-stone or stone of manhood) that supposedly young men in the region came to try to lift to compete with other young men who was the most manly of all men. Im not sure what the stone weighs, but I can assure you its really heavy. Though I didnt try to lift it this time – I only tried that some 20 years ago as a young teen. Perhaps I should give it a go again :).

Fig below. The basalt neck it self differs some from the others I have visited. The basalt here seems to be Amygdaloidal Basalt. But Im not completly sure. It could perhaps also be some form of phenocrysts?

Fig above. “Karrastenen”. Really heavy mafic rock. (Image source)

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En liten bildförteckning över projekt jag gett mig på över åren. Ja, du får gärna kontakta mig för att diskutera jobb på
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2 Responses to Allarps Bjär and the stone of manly men

  1. Lockwood says:

    The radiating fibrous nature and white color of the amygdule looks like natrolite-mesolite to me, though it’s hard to be sure from a photo. If you saved a sample, break off a tiny piece, and hold it over a flame: if it puffs up and gives off water vapor, it’s a zeolite. Members of that group are common secondary alteration products in mafic rocks.

    Here’s the mindat link for natrolite:

  2. Daniel says:

    Lockwood: Thanks for the answer. Will try that.

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