Politics and geology in Sweden

Some political ranting now.

In Sweden the general political elections for the parliament are coming up this week. We basically have two “blocks” of parties. One center-liberal-conservative of four parties (called the “alliance”) and one socialist-green of three parties (called the “opposition”). A capitalistic and a socialistic option you could say. But as a comparison, our capitalistic option is still more left that lets say the Democratic party of USA. Its not right wing conservative like the Republicans. Oh no. Its difficult to compare the politics of two countries, but its something like this.

I know a lot of my fellow students who put their vote on the socialist-green position, but I have one very good reason not to: Jobs in the geology sector.

I am sorry, but I am 35 yo and I actually wanna work with geology one day when my masters is done (2012). Its time for me to actually start thinking on whats best for myself. Im not interested in spending several years studying to face yet more unemployment due to the fact that the red-green government does everything it can to prevent things like prospecting and mining just by principles of ideology. And yes – that is what they do. The green party of Sweden called Miljöpartiet (“Party of environment”) is very radical in some aspects. They have a very naive view on economy where they basically wish that everyone would grow their own food and live in cumbaya with nature on a farm. Nice thoughts, but totaly insande when you look at the consequence of such politics on the economy – and in the end then on the social welfare of everyone.

I am sorry, but I cannot really respect geology students who gives their votes to a politic that will lead to unemployment for them and severe economical problems for all. Theres something really wrong if you dont care for your own life and think that the environment can be “saved” in such simple methods as voting for a party that aspires to force green living on everyone. The world will not be a better place simply by stopping mining (which is one of the first things they would start to stop) – and that IS the consequence that the socialist-green option will lead to.

Sweden would have been a third world country if it hadnt been for our history of mining. And that principle still applies. Without industries or rich sources of natural resources no wealth, and without money, no resources for schools, hospitals and research. And that will take us back to a world we long ago struggled to leave. The preindustrial world where the air that you breathed was cleaner, but you died at the age of 40 from a simple cold.

I prefer some pollution and the means to provide welfare from living like a dirt peasant of the middle ages. The glory of the simple life in the country is a luxury that modern ppl can choose to live, not an ideal to shove done everyone throats! If everyone started to live this simple life in cumbaya with nature – there would be no such thing as time for anything else – for anyone else.

I dont love the current ruling alliance-politics, but atleast they are not mentally insane like the opposition is. Its a tactical choise of the mind. Of reason against dreamy emotions.

Thank god that the alliance still is ahead in every poll. 😛

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3 Responses to Politics and geology in Sweden

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  2. MrArboc says:

    I actually agree with you. I am also happy that you didn’t even bother to mention the party that thinks that the only important thing in life is the Internet! 😆

  3. Daniel says:

    MrArboc: My dear old antagonist 🙂 I think you know better than that. The pirate party is much more than a party about the right to download and you probably know it. Right?

    The pirate party have indeed lost my vote, not because that I dont agree with them on topics related to the privacy of life, but of other reasons. I still would like to see them in the parliament, but giving them my voice now, would be like giving my voice to the populistic fascist party SD since theres no chance in hell that they would get enough votes. So my vote for the alliance is also a tactical one this time. Its not only about economics and so on.

    I STILL dont like what the alliance have done to our rights and freedoms. I STILL havent forgiven them for selling our integrity to USA, EU and loud mouth lobbyists from Hollywood.

    But the alternative is worse. Much worse.

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