Wtf its snowing?!

Ok, so now it snows outside my window :O

Its evening here, the 20th of October. Where I live, in the south of Sweden we often have winters without any snow at all. And NEVER this early. This early in the fall must be close to a historical record.

The climate is usually to warm for snow here many winters for any snow at all. And if we do get snow it usually falls in december at the most earliest, most most often first in January. It rarely stays for long on the ground.

This spring I also experience snow in May.We usually have like 20C then. But not this freakish year. No. We also had temperature records. Both low in winter time and high temps in July (34.5 in Lund where I live – hottest day for 300 years of historical measurements)

The climate is seriously fucked up.

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