The sleeping blog sleeps

Here we go again. I promise to blog about geology from Sweden and delievers some posts. Then silence. Long silence. The reasons are many and probably not very interesting for you. But the pattern is of course familiar from my old blog Antimonite.

I hope that when I start on my masters thesis in a couple of weeks, then perhaps some new inspiration to blog about geology will start. So stay tuned (that is: keep me in your reader). In the mean time those of you who can speak Swedish can follow my Swedish blog on pseudoscience if they want. All you other wonderful people just have to wait. Hopefully not forever.

About Daniel

En liten bildförteckning över projekt jag gett mig på över åren. Ja, du får gärna kontakta mig för att diskutera jobb på
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2 Responses to The sleeping blog sleeps

  1. Grace says:

    I started my master’s a couple years ago, and I can tell you that you likely not find any more time to do fun things, like blog. I don’t even teach, and I’m swamped! Best of luck, mate. Hope you make it through with your sanity in one piece.

  2. Daniel says:

    Grace: Thanks! 🙂

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