I know, most likely noone reads this blog anymore. But I just wanted to know if theres any geologists out there who use and post on Google+? Perhaps even have a nice circle of geologists there. Please let me know here if so. All I have there now to follow are a bunch of physicists and such…

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En liten bildförteckning över projekt jag gett mig på över åren. Ja, du får gärna kontakta mig för att diskutera jobb på
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10 Responses to Google+

  1. Lockwood says:

    Yes, there are quite a number of geotypes on Google+, though I don’t use it too much. My user name is lockwooddewitt; if you look at people in my circles, you’ll find lots of other geology enthusiasts, and I seriously doubt I’ve “circled” even half of them.

  2. Ron Schott says:

    I’m on Google+ and I’m beginning to use it more regularly:

    Charles Carrigan is another geologist who uses G+ regularly and he just shared a Circle of geoscientists today. I’ll be sharing my geologists circle in a few days.

  3. Charles says:

    There are quite a few ppl on there but not all are active yet. As Ron said, I just today shared my circle of geoscientists, which has about 70 ppl in it.
    You can find me here:

  4. Sean O'Keefe says:

    As a new undergraduate it would be a stretch to claim the status of geologist just yet!

    My fellow students are tasked with each editing the university’s in-house blog for a week. I’ll be sure to send them over to Google+ to bolster our numbers.

  5. Sandbian (Daniel Medin) says:

    Thanks for your quick reply you guys! I couldnt find your shared circle Charles. Did you share for the public?

  6. Sandbian says:

    Thanks for the reply you guys. Couldnt find your shared circle Charles!

    Heres me:

  7. Charles says:

    No, it’s not shared publicly, but I just circled you in and it should show up for you.

  8. I started a G+ account for my blog email address when it first came out. They suspended it because it doesn’t have my real name attached to it.

  9. Grace says:

    I haven’t even signed up for a G+ account yet, but I may do so now that I know there are some like minded people.

  10. António says:

    i´m new here, and will start to read 🙂

    greetings from portugal

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