Crows kicks and a priest’s bathtub

Near the south Swedish town Simrishamn here in the province of Skåne (Scania), in a small fishing village called Vik theres some nice Cambrian quartzite geology exposed near the ocean (the surrounding geology is a mixture of older horst risen gneiss, ordovician shales and quarternary deposits). This quartzite deposits are part of features that exists in small deposits in a line across Skåne, following the Tornqvist zone and its horst and graben-formations in this province.

I went there on a trip this summer and took some photos. (I also include some older photos that I took at the same spot in 2008.)

Cambrian cliffs in Vik

Fig above. The Cambrian quartzite cliffs of Vik where once a part of a beach near located near the South pole. Today its as you probably know much closer to the northern pole. This tectonic journey always make me in awe of nature and the time scale of everything.

Fig above. Cross section of the cambrian quartzite. The stratigraphic sequences of the old beach are still quite clear.

Fig above. Trace fossil Diplocraterion parallellum. In local talk they are refered to as “crows kicks” (swe. “kråksparkar”) – having to do with their appearance in some way. They cover all the cliffs in the area. There are also other types of trace fossils to be found here.

Figs above. The priest’s bathtub (Swe “Prästens badkar”) is thought to be the remains of a cambrian sand volcano. There are several hundred similar known formations in the cambrian deposits around Skåne. But this one is by far the largest and most well known. As far as I know its actually unique in the world. The origin of the name “priest’s bathtub” is unknown to me, but I guess its self explanatory.

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