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Leaving geology for a black willow

I’m not that active here as you might have noticed. The reason is mainly that Ive decided to quit studying geology this winter without being finished with my MSc… Yes I’m a quitter… While becoming a father last year my … Continue reading

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Pseudoscientific theories on viking religion and earthquakes

Fig. Map mainly showing paleoseismic events. Locality and chronology (yBP). From Mörner 2007. I hope that David at History of Geology can take some critisism, because he is going to get it now from this former Swedish archaeology student at … Continue reading

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Those without the X-ray eyes

When I started to read archaeology in 2002 a new world emerged. The world where the landscapes no longer just were nice backdrops – but rather something full of stories to tell the skilled eye. The fauna could tell me … Continue reading

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Scientific proof (geology vs archaeology)

I have a background in archaeology (almost finished my MA). I left archaeology for two reasons. Firstly because theres absolutley no work for archaeologists. Secondly, because I got really fuckin tired of it – for many good reasons – the … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience at Ale’s Stones

One of Swedens most famous archaeological sites is located here in the region Scania and is called “Ales stenar” (The Stones of Ale or Ale’s stones) and its located in a spectacular place by the ocean. It is also one … Continue reading

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Don’t destroy my artifacts you evil geologist!

Fig. One of the battle axes I cut open for my bachelor thesis. More on the results of that thesis in the future – when its done 🙂 Doing a proper study of the petrography of archaeological items is tricky … Continue reading

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The ghostly hills of Scania

I guess unlike USA, here in Europe a lot of features and formations in the landscape are man made. Just the fact that we have had a lot of monument building, industrial and farming cultures for thousands of years have … Continue reading

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