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Leaving geology for a black willow

I’m not that active here as you might have noticed. The reason is mainly that Ive decided to quit studying geology this winter without being finished with my MSc… Yes I’m a quitter… While becoming a father last year my … Continue reading

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Crows kicks and a priest’s bathtub

Near the south Swedish town Simrishamn here in the province of Skåne (Scania), in a small fishing village called Vik theres some nice Cambrian quartzite geology exposed near the ocean (the surrounding geology is a mixture of older horst risen gneiss, … Continue reading

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Stromatolite or stromatoporoid?

I was going to write something clever about this nice and very “organic looking” stromatolite I found on Gotland this spring, but then I started to question if it really is a stromatolite and not a stromatoporoid? What do you … Continue reading

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Multicellular life at 2.1 GA – big news or not?

Multicellular life pushed back to (at least) 2.1 GA according to Nature magazine. Big news in the paleo community some would say. Too bad that this article is such epic crap in describing the discovery. “Up to now, conventional scientific … Continue reading

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Fig. A strain of magnetite crystals formed by BCM within a bacteria of species Magnetospirillum gryphyswaldense (from Pósfai & Dunin-Borkowski 2009). One topic that drew my attention when taking the advanced course in paleontology this spring was biomineralization. I quickly … Continue reading

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Silurian Crinoids

One of million perks of going to the island of Gotland is seing Silurian paleontology second to none. The island is so unbelievably rich in fossils from the Silurian. Here are some crinoids (Crinoidea) that I took photos of in … Continue reading

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Fågelsång GSSP

Here are some photos from Fågelsångsdalen (Fågelsång Upper Ordovician GSSP) near where I live (one of the only two GSSP we have in Sweden). Also a photo of a unknown species of graptolite I found there.

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