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Leaving geology for a black willow

I’m not that active here as you might have noticed. The reason is mainly that Ive decided to quit studying geology this winter without being finished with my MSc… Yes I’m a quitter… While becoming a father last year my … Continue reading

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Crows kicks and a priest’s bathtub

Near the south Swedish town Simrishamn here in the province of Skåne (Scania), in a small fishing village called Vik theres some nice Cambrian quartzite geology exposed near the ocean (the surrounding geology is a mixture of older horst risen gneiss, … Continue reading

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Sometimes it takes a geologist to point out the difference between habitable planet and habitable zone when the big minds get carried away… 🙂

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Alternatives to Mantle Plume theory

I am currently working on a small paper on mantle plumes. Im looking for tips on “the other side” – prominent articles or writers that oppose the theory in perticular or general. I am having trouble locating this since I … Continue reading

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Swedish mining history

Fig. Cannon made from copper alloys. Big business once upon a time. Sweden has quite an awsome history when it comes to mining. I cannot remember the exact numbers, but during the European renaissance and some time in to the … Continue reading

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Allarps Bjär and the stone of manly men

Yesterday I took a little car trip to the central parts of Skåne (Scania). To the area located on the Tornqvist zone which is rich in remains of volcanoes (basalt necks). This time to a location named Allarps Bjär (Bjär … Continue reading

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Don’t destroy my artifacts you evil geologist!

Fig. One of the battle axes I cut open for my bachelor thesis. More on the results of that thesis in the future – when its done 🙂 Doing a proper study of the petrography of archaeological items is tricky … Continue reading

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The direct or indirect resistance to biomineralization theories

Fig. Iron sulfide mineral encrustation has preserved the structure of a sulfate bacteria. (Frankel & Bazylinski 2003) When learning about biomineralization, my imagination started to wander and Im not sure Im back on my feet again – or even if … Continue reading

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The volcanoes of Scania

(Fig. Modified map from Bergelin thesis showing a handfull of basalt necks. There exist over a 100 in total) Sweden is hardly famous for its volcanoes and most Swedes doesnt know about them. But we do have them, or at … Continue reading

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The geology of Scania

Scania (Skåne) is the southern most part of the Swedish mainland. Its geology is complex and a result of many types of bedrock and separated events. The North-Eastern part of the Scanian peninsula is precambrian crystalline bedrock (granites ca 1.7 … Continue reading

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