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Leaving geology for a black willow

I’m not that active here as you might have noticed. The reason is mainly that Ive decided to quit studying geology this winter without being finished with my MSc… Yes I’m a quitter… While becoming a father last year my … Continue reading

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The sleeping blog sleeps

Here we go again. I promise to blog about geology from Sweden and delievers some posts. Then silence. Long silence. The reasons are many and probably not very interesting for you. But the pattern is of course familiar from my … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Mantle Plume theory

I am currently working on a small paper on mantle plumes. Im looking for tips on “the other side” – prominent articles or writers that oppose the theory in perticular or general. I am having trouble locating this since I … Continue reading

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Politics and geology in Sweden

Some political ranting now. In Sweden the general political elections for the parliament are coming up this week. We basically have two “blocks” of parties. One center-liberal-conservative of four parties (called the “alliance”) and one socialist-green of three parties (called … Continue reading

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Keep your damn religion to your self!

Yesterday I had quite a disturbing experience. Not only was the professors lecture on the solar system quite boring and much too simple  – it was full of strange creationist/design rethoric (wich, since it annoyed me, probably was the only … Continue reading

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Scientific proof (geology vs archaeology)

I have a background in archaeology (almost finished my MA). I left archaeology for two reasons. Firstly because theres absolutley no work for archaeologists. Secondly, because I got really fuckin tired of it – for many good reasons – the … Continue reading

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Don’t destroy my artifacts you evil geologist!

Fig. One of the battle axes I cut open for my bachelor thesis. More on the results of that thesis in the future – when its done 🙂 Doing a proper study of the petrography of archaeological items is tricky … Continue reading

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Thinking of studying in Sweden? Read this!

Areal view of the old main building of the University of Lund. One of the perks about studying geology at a Swedish university like the University of Lund is that we have no tuitions for going there. We have of … Continue reading

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