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Gut feeling vs math

Some weeks ago I asked the question about asteroid impacts. Somehow I couldnt really accept that several small impacts was worse than one big – not without proof. And somehow my original Texas-example was probably correct – that just kills … Continue reading

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Swedish mining history

Fig. Cannon made from copper alloys. Big business once upon a time. Sweden has quite an awsome history when it comes to mining. I cannot remember the exact numbers, but during the European renaissance and some time in to the … Continue reading

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Those without the X-ray eyes

When I started to read archaeology in 2002 a new world emerged. The world where the landscapes no longer just were nice backdrops – but rather something full of stories to tell the skilled eye. The fauna could tell me … Continue reading

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One big still sounds worse than several small to me…

“The geology P.A.G.E” made a nice post on fighting asteroids, but theres one claim there Ive seen many times, but never believed in. Its this: So you shatter an asteroid the size of Texas and get what? Instead of 1 … Continue reading

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Scientific proof (geology vs archaeology)

I have a background in archaeology (almost finished my MA). I left archaeology for two reasons. Firstly because theres absolutley no work for archaeologists. Secondly, because I got really fuckin tired of it – for many good reasons – the … Continue reading

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