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Leaving geology for a black willow

I’m not that active here as you might have noticed. The reason is mainly that Ive decided to quit studying geology this winter without being finished with my MSc… Yes I’m a quitter… While becoming a father last year my … Continue reading

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Pseudoscientific theories on viking religion and earthquakes

Fig. Map mainly showing paleoseismic events. Locality and chronology (yBP). From Mörner 2007. I hope that David at History of Geology can take some critisism, because he is going to get it now from this former Swedish archaeology student at … Continue reading

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Keep your damn religion to your self!

Yesterday I had quite a disturbing experience. Not only was the professors lecture on the solar system quite boring and much too simple  – it was full of strange creationist/design rethoric (wich, since it annoyed me, probably was the only … Continue reading

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